The city of Sabae located in Fukui Prefecture,Japan, is a very small town with a population of sixty thousand people.
But this town has built a world-renowned reputation for producing high quality eyewear over 100 years
By the hands of skilled craftmen
The Raincoat co.,ltd respects this eyewear history of Sabae and treasures the spirit of people who have tried to make quality eyewear products.
The Raincoat, continuously strives to create more special and valuable eyewear with love and passion.


The Raincoat has started in the very small office room in June 2010 .
I had been working in the eyewear field for 12 years when I started raincoat
In spite of my experience of 12 years, I didn’t know about manufacturing well.
I had to study all of manufacture from the scratch. While I was studying
I had made the first eyewear brand to launch in 2010 IOFT (Internatinal optica fari tokyo ) that is 59 hysteric.
It was made with all my passions and efforts At that time I was confident that I would not fail and also I would not succeed. As a result, we nearly failed
At now, the raincoat has 6 original brands and has been doing many OEM productions
The facecode flag shop of raincoat has been opened in Kyoto since 2015.

The Raincoat

The Company name raincoat comes from loving rain
I love rainy days rather than sunny or snowy
Rain always makes me comfortable and sad at the same time.
I love those mixed feelings I also love its sounds and visuals
Some people say it is not a suitable name for an eyewear company.
Basically I agree with them. But I don’t care about it much
cause I want to manage that company not only for the money and success
but also for the expression which I feel about humans and life

Foundation June, 2010
Number of Employees 5
Main Bank Mizuho Bank, The Hokuriku Bank
Head Office 2-4-15 Minori, Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture JAPAN
Tel. +81-776-43-6833  Fax. +81-776-43-6834
Kyoto Own Store 573-1 Nakanocho, Shijo-agaru, Shin-kyogoku-dori,Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City
Tel. +81-75-744-6314  HP. WWW.FACECODE.JP
Business Planning of Optical Frame & Sunglass Brand, Design, Manufacturing by OEM, Marketing
Sales JPY 132 million (As of May, 2020)